We Are Bufisa

Your trusted partner for Database solutions.

High Availability

Ensuring Your Database highly available even though one of the servers is down.

Database Security

Protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of Your database from unauthorized access.

High Performance

Run Database instance with it's maximum speed by using efficient settings.

Database Reliability

We ensure that data is safe from power loss, operating system failure, and hardware failure.

Database Development

Develop table structure, stored procedures, views, etc. to suit Your business requirements.

High Volume of Data

Successfully manage high volume of data with speed, loading data no longer an issue.

Trusted By These Companies

"We had our Database instance run smoothly with high volume of data and high number of transactions."
Sreekanth Gadhiraju
Senior Director Applications Development at USIC
"Bufisa helped us to set up partitioning to our Database, make us ready to scale to terabytes of data."
Julie Sheffield
VP of Engineering at Cobalt Speech & Language
"We had our Database system developed correctly to support our business requirements and satisfy the clients."
Raja Chris
Cyber Radar
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